Charter Yachts Mallorca

Sailing Dream image

Sailing Dream

The design of this sailing yacht is simply stunningBuilt in 2012 the Sailing Dream...
De Antonio Yachts D23  image

De Antonio Yachts D23

Elegant, Sporty & VersatileA boat for those who seek for the high quality and...
Gentleman's Yacht  image

Gentleman's Yacht

The Barca Royal or so called Gentleman's Yacht combines maximum comfort and exclusivity with...
Always Believe image

Always Believe

Always Believe is a stunning example of a 40m Maiora Superyacht. It can be...
Luxury Yachts image

Luxury Yachts

De Antonio Yachts D28 image

De Antonio Yachts D28

 Elegant, comfortable & sportyThe design of its V shaped hull allows quick gliding and...
ASTON 120 image


ASTON accommodates 12 cruising and 10 sleeping guests in 4 newly-refitted cabins and light,...
Revenge  image


Constructed in 1841 in Ibiza, the wooden sailing ship is the oldest ship of...
Albatros  image


The Albatros is a luxury sailing boat which can be rented for private and...
Predator 82 image

Predator 82

A truly sleek and elegant yacht that makes for a memorable day charter on...
De Antonio Yachts D34 Cruiser image

De Antonio Yachts D34 Cruiser

The D34 Cruiser is agile and comfortable. Its powerful V design hull, its advanced...
Sailing Yachts image

Sailing Yachts

Old Dream image

Old Dream

This modern sailing yacht follows a classic look with a romantic touch that replicates...
Axopar 37 image

Axopar 37

The Axopar 37 features a spacious and easily accessible walk around deck typical for an...
Llauts & Classic Boats image

Llauts & Classic Boats

Mangusta 108 image

Mangusta 108

The Mangusta 108 is an open style performance luxury motor yacht, measures 33.50m in...
Lagoon 500 image

Lagoon 500

The Lagoon 500 is a large, fast and luxurious catamaran and offers its guests...
Privilege image


From Prestige’s luxury offering, the Privilege continues the successful technical characteristics of this brand...
Axopar 28 TT image

Axopar 28 TT

The Axopar 28 TT is the best pleasure boat for trips to your favorite...
Valetta  image


A traditional look with the latest technologyStrength and Italian reliability is what this classic...
Nimbus TOM image

Nimbus TOM

A new kind of day cruiser suitable for comfortable weekend and day trips. The...
Axopar image


High-speed Yacht ExperienceThis low resistance high-speed boat invites you to enjoy thrilling hours on...
The Diamond  image

The Diamond

An elegant yacht masterpiece!Experience an exquisite dream day on a yacht at one of...
Alleato 56 image

Alleato 56

A yacht full of reminders of its distinguished antecedents, of charm, power and technology,...
Fjord 52 Open image

Fjord 52 Open

The Fjord 52 Open reflects Fjord's philosophy by fulfilling the highest demands on itself....
Sea Breeze image

Sea Breeze

A motor yacht that portrays unlimited luxuryYou are invited to spend exquisite hours on...
Fjord 38 Open image

Fjord 38 Open

This Fjord boat is unique in its kind and is without a doubt a design...
Fjord 36 image

Fjord 36

The Fjord 36 Open can be considered as a flexible mega-yacht supertender as well...
Fjord 42 image

Fjord 42

The Fjord 42 Open is an overwhelming source of the most intense feelings -...
Absolute 58 Fly image

Absolute 58 Fly

The Absolute 58 Fly arises from the union between ergonomics and technology. In this yacht,...
Azimut 116 image

Azimut 116

This luxurious boat is finished in a deluxe blend of cherry wood panelling complemented...
Fjord 48 image

Fjord 48

The Fjord 48 Open suggests the quality, elegance and the harmony of the lines....
Tony's Dream image

Tony's Dream

A fine combination of luxury and performanceThis extraordinary motor yacht is spacious, elegant and...
AM 43 image

AM 43

A tri-level yacht where luxury and design merges with water. With a spacious and...
Blue Sea Yacht image

Blue Sea Yacht

A striking tri-deck yacht that comes with sensational water-toys and a large amount of...
Cranchi M44 image

Cranchi M44

With its sleek design and state-of-the-art features, the Cranchi M44 HT is the perfect...
Spider 996 Open image

Spider 996 Open

Enjoy a great day at sea on-board of the spacious, comfortable and reliable Spider...
Reina 56 image

Reina 56

A beautiful yacht of magnificent refinement and performance in equal measure. A comfortable saloon,...
Sunny 40 image

Sunny 40

The perfect size boat for a few hours out on water with family and...
Nightshade Carnivore 57 image

Nightshade Carnivore 57

The Carnivore 57 is the perfect mixture of style and practicality. Uninterrupted views, a...
Reina V48 Open image

Reina V48 Open

The Reina V48 Open is a yacht for an effortless trip on the sea,...
Lince 43 image

Lince 43

Designed for a sophisticated client, the Lince43 combines outstanding performance and speed with high quality,...
Francesca image


With its sleek design and state-of-the-art features, the Pershing 54 is the perfect charter...
Sofia image


Dynamic, exhilarating performance and extensive, luxurious interior; the Sofia is a truly exceptional sports...
Pinoy  image


Built in the Netherlands, this yacht is fully crewed and equipped to ensure a...
Maire  image


Maire is a remarkably strong high performance yacht, efficient while at the same time...
Beneteau MC 5 image

Beneteau MC 5

A tri-level yacht where luxury and design merges with water. With a spacious and...