Gentleman's Yacht

Technical information

  • Build: 1967
  • Maximum capacity: 60

The Barca Royal or so called Gentleman's Yacht combines maximum comfort and exclusivity with historical charm. In 1967, a Belgian royal family had the wish to use the world's best material to create a boat of pure luxury. We invite guests to explore the ship and its impressive engine room, where Rolls Royce engines keep the boat running smoothly. The cabinet, the deck and the classic 30m appearance speaks for itself: this ship was built for kings! Perfect for hosting a private party in an extravagant upper class location. The Gentleman's Yacht is the ideal choice for any special occasion, where up to 60 people can enjoy a birthday party, a wedding or a gala dinner. The group enjoys extraordinary and memorable hours on water and experiences the island from another perspective. This special and classy yacht will definitely catch anyones attention when gliding over the turquoise-blue water.

(Subject to technical alterations)

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